Youth Activities Programme

We aim to offer every young person accessing our deaf youth service a youth club every other Saturday and 2 activities every week of every school holiday throughout the year. This will bring an end to the isolation and frustration felt by many of the young deaf people in North West Lancashire.

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Our youth work aims to reduce the sense of isolation felt by so many young Deaf people by bringing them together for social and recreational activities. Regular contact with positive role models including adults from Deaf community provides young Deaf people with the opportunity to make informed choices about their lives and futures. Without this service, many young Deaf people would never get the chance to meet a Deaf adult. One of the most worrying things about this is that we know of Deaf young people who believed that they would either become hearing or die before adulthood because of this. Over the last 2 years we have offered a summer activities programme for young Deaf people. The programme was highly successful and enjoyed by all the young people involved as you can see from the photographs. Activities such as the ‘go ape’ outward-bound course are not only fun but give a boost in confidence which is often so badly needed in this age group. We also provided workshops to help with future employment and development along with regular sports activities on site. Holiday times prove to be the most difficult time for deaf youngsters as they are separated for their friends for long periods of time and often have no-one at home with whom they can communicate with to an acceptable standard. This becomes more apparent if the young person is a British Sign Language(BSL) user who attends a residential school for deaf children. The programme has proved so popular that this year we aim to expand the programme. We have already implemented a Saturday Youth Club and are currently in the process of renovating a building on site that will give the young deaf people of Lancashire a permanent base for dedicated especially to them whenever they want to use it. We would also like to offer the young people on the service at least 2 activities a week during holiday periods. The Youth Service is run by a young deaf woman, who is herself a BSL user and is a fantastic role model for the young people. In addition to this all the activities will involve fully trained BSL interpreters. A full list of the planned activities can be seen below. With your help we can provide these young people with a vital service which will enrich their lives and help them to reach their full potential. Financial Breakdown £27522 for 1 year of activities * includes interpreters fees, travel to and from the activity and accomodation costs where appropriate.