Eight Reions Project, Nepal

The ‘eight regions project’ is one of the most successful projects we have been involved in and has brought deaf awareness, Nepali Sign Language and a basic education to many deaf children in Nepal. It is run in eight different regions of Nepal chosen by our partner organisation the NFDH(Nepal National Federation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) each year. This work really does change lives. Please help us to continue it.

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Nepal is the 6th poorest country in the world. The majority of deaf children living in Nepal receive no education. They are born into hearing families and, as there is no specialist support, they develop no language beyond the most basic of gestures. With no language and no education, their futures’ are bleak. We have been working in Nepal for the past eight years in order to change this and to give deaf children the same chances, opportunities and hope for the future that hearing children enjoy. We employ deaf Nepali people as project staff on all of our projects. One of the most successful projects we have been involved in has brought deaf awareness, Nepali Sign Language and a basic education to many of these deaf children. The ‘eight regions project’ is run in eight different regions chosen by our partner organisation the NFDH each year. In these regions a Deaf teacher is employed to teach Nepali Sign Language and basic literacy and numeracy to deaf children and adults. The difference this project makes to the lives of the deaf people in the regions and their families is amazing. The eight regions project has given language, education and hope to hundreds of deaf children( and many deaf adults too). Some of them, once fluent in Nepali Sign language, are transferred to schools in other areas. The brief stories and pictures on the front demonstrate the positive life-changing impact this work is having on so many deaf people. This project continues to be highly successful and often leads to new ideas based on new needs that are discovered. For example in one region, Sindhuli, the local people and government were so impressed that they donated the land for a deaf school; a huge achievement given that for the most part people there were largely ignorant about deafness one year earlier. The deaf school in Sindhuli has now been open for over a year offering many more children a better hope for the future. In another region, Nawalparasi, the local deaf organisation, run by an inspirational young woman called Deepa asked us for funding to carry out a six month data collection project. The results were astonishing. Up to 500 deaf children in that region alone currently receive no form of education. The local government have now offered their support, giving land for a school and the promise of paying for some of the teaching staff once it is opened. We want to repeat the successes of these regions all over Nepal, but we need your help to do it. In every region of the country where a class is run the awareness raised about deafness leads to support from both government and local people, which in turn leads to increased sustainability for the project and a positive future for deaf people in that area. Unfortunately our current funding for the project will run out within the next twelve months and unless we can raise more this vital, life changing project will have to end. In the next five years we aim to take the eight regions project into even more remote areas of Nepal (some of which take up to 14 days to walk to). We would also like to work in each area for more than a year, developing the work done to ensure that we can meet the needs of Nepal’s deaf community and to create a permanent positive future for generations of deaf children to come. The wonders of the exchange rate mean that the cost of this project in one region of Nepal is about £3,500 per year. For this we can give language, education, support and a lifeline of hope for the future of deaf children who would otherwise have nothing. The total cost for this project over 5 years is £157,266.00.