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Protecting Cameroon Rainforests

This project offers you the chance to help rural families get out of poverty whilst saving precious rainforest at the same time. Farming communities will learn sustainable and integrated agricultural practices that provide them with livelihoods in a manner that preserves the forest flora and fauna.

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Famers living in the Humid and Equatorial Rainforests of Cameroon practice unsustainable 'slash and burn' agriculture which destroys the environment and results in infertile soils. The project will provide in-depth training on a wide range of topics including animal husbandry, sustainable organic agriculture, natural resource management and community social development so that they have the skills and knowledge to make the necessary changes to their way of life. Livestock gifts in the form of cane rats or goats will provide alternative sources of food and income so that farmers no longer need to plunder the rainforests for wild animals. As a result, families will have food security, income, education, healthcare and community support and we will still have the rainforests for generations to come.