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Fishponds and Sustainable Agriculture in Tanzania

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give him a fishpond and you feed him and his family for a lifetime. And that is exactly what this project aims to do - work with men and women living in south west Tanzania who are experiencing the daily grind of severe poverty, providing them with training in fish farming skills so when they need money for food, healthcare or schooling, instead of wondering where on earth the money could come from - they will just go fishing!

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In the South-West region of Tanzania, families are dependent on agriculture to make a living, but with small land size and limited knowledge and resources, productivity is reducing. The crop yields are reducing each year so that many families eat only one meal a day most of the year and children go to school hungry. Even basic essentials like soap, salt or matches are beyond the means of some households. But, by providing training in fish farming together with fish fingerlings, the project will provide families with an alternative income generating activity. Alternatively, farmers may select dairy cows, dairy goats or bees as their livestock gift, whichever is most suitable for their situation, but either way the combination of in-depth training and integrated livestock farming systems will lift them out of poverty for good.