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Working with Guyra Paraguay to purchase a representative selection of critical habitats for the wildlife of Paraguay, to create nature reserves for endangered species.

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So far 30,000 acres have been saved in the Pantanal wetlands in the extreme north of Paraguay, where Giant Otter are commonly seen. New reserves have been created in the Atlantic Rainforests, and also in the Dry Chaco - one of the most fragile habitats in the world. Donors of £10,000 or more have had sectors of some of the reserves named after family or friends. Funds are needed so that we can act swiftly when privately owned lands become available. In June 2008 Sir David Attenborough witnessed the agreement signed between the World Land Trust and the Government of Paraguay, to protect over 2.5 million acres of forests in the Gran Chaco. It is estimated that the total budget, including an endowment for the long-term conservation will be ca. £10 million, but this will embrace many smaller, discrete projects. For details contact John Burton at the WLT.