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Land Purchase for Conservation

The World Land Trust was the first UK conservation body dedicated solely to purchasing land to create nature reserves. Over the past 18 years it has developed unparalleled expertise. When it launched its Programme for Belize, the "£25 buys an acre of rainforest," was a truly original and unique concept. 19 years later, land prices have risen, but the WLT is still buying land with its partners at between £10 and £150 an acre - and saving all the wildlife living on it.

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The World Land Trust's expertise in acquiring land for wildlife conservation is internationally recognised, and is supported by such well known conservationists as Sir David Attenborough. The UK-based HQ is deliberately small, and the WLT does not maintain any overseas staff, in order to minimise costs. All its projects are managed and owned by effective local NGOs, and work with the cooperation of the relevant government agencies to ensure the long term survival of the reserves. Land aquisition projects vary in size, but are generally in the region of £100,000 to £500,000. But individual donations of £10,000 or more, whether by companies or individuals, can be recognised by having reserve sectors named.