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To provide a unique Home Learning Programme for young deaf children and their families in the UK. This project reaches out to all families with young deaf children who have been isolated from early years education or who need support to understand the needs and opportunities available to deaf children. It is a free service available to families regardless of their economic, geographic or cultural background.

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Many deaf children in the UK receive less than 2 hours early years education per week in the UK. As a result they and their families are left extremely isolated from the hearing world. For deaf children this can mean they miss the opportunity to learn to listen and talk, effecting everything they can do and will achieve in their lives; from schooling, to finding a job, to making postive and happy relationships. This demand led programme provides all the professional support needed to develop essential languge and social skills, with audiological and social support networks and a positive future for those enrolled. Lesson materials are sent to families enrolled on the programme at a pace suited to them, with bespoke professional support and advice available 24 hours a day. This programme costs £50,000 a year to run, but benefits hundreds of children across the UK. Please contact The Elizabeth Foundation for more information