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Music plays a very important part of our baby early intervention and pre school programme. Our babies are introduced to our Music programme almost as soon as they are fitted with their tiny hearing aids, and the rhythm, pitch and intonation found in “listening” to music, and making music, is transferred to their pre lingual speech sounds and then into the children’s speech as they get older. Music is an exceptional tool for helping children with hearing loss because of its power to reach everyone. Like nothing else, music creates multiple stimuli, allowing our children to experience its effects regardless of their disability. While music is usually thought of as an auditory stimulus, or a series of pitches that people can hear, it also creates tactile stimulation. When a large cymbal is struck with a mallet the vibrations can be felt by touching the cymbal. When the loud booming bass on a stereo is heard it is also possible to experience the power of the vibrations in the body. For young deaf children basic skills can be very difficult to learn because their impairment can isolate them from the world around them. They are often unaware of social skills and cannot communicate effectively. In working with a deaf child, our Specialist Teachers of the Deaf use music to provide sensory stimulation. This has quite remarkable outcomes which include the development of; self awareness Awareness of others Awareness of the absence of sound All that and the children have marvelous fun along the way! Our goal is to stimulate deaf childrens listening skills and to develop language in a fun environment - to make some noise! We would like to purchase new equipment as many of our instruments are looking tired or completely worn out from many years of happy use - to do this we need to raise £2,500 which will be divided between our two family centres in Hampshire and Yorkshire