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Development of In Memorial Donations Functionality

MuchLoved enables site creators to recommend a charity for in memoriam donations. We would like to develop this functionality to enable online collections for a chosen charity to be securely collected and also recorded on the memorial for the site creator and also all guests to see. We anticipate this will lead to a significant increase in the amount of money raised for charites in memory of loved ones who have died.

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Muchloved’s service allows people to make in memorial donations to any registered charity. We really want MuchLoved to be a force for good by helping develop In Memoriam fundraising for any registered charity that our users choose. All Muchloved tributes can have a donation facility, where donations can either be made to one of our 50 charity partners or any other registered charity. However, our current donation functionality is quite simple, after setting up the tribute the creator can select the ‘donate’ option in the settings panel to ‘yes’ and then choose the charity they would like to fundraise for. The tribute will then display a small 'Donate' logo which will enable all guests to make a secure online donation directly to the chosen charity. We would like to expand on this by adding a counter onto the tributes homepage so that the creator and anyone who is invited to visit the tribute can see how much has been raised for the nominated cause. This functionality would allow donations raised offline as well as online to be included. This additional fundraising software development will offer our users an extra service on their tributes and we hope encourage more people to make In Memorial donations through their tributes; giving our charity partners and others the chance to increase their fundraising potential. There is no charge for charities to partner with Muchloved. Charity partners are provided with a pack which includes a customised homepage (with joint branding), links and a reporting tool. For more information on this we have developed a specific partner’s information website which you can view at The cost to develop the new counter functionality would be £9,300.00. Once this work is completed we would like to publicise it to our charity partners, charities we have previously contacted and some new ones totalling 500. For the production and postage of the promotional materials the cost would be a further £1,450.00 bringing the total to £10,750.00.