Pump Aid

Water for Life - Zimbabwe

To alleviate poverty and improve health by working with poor rural communities in Zimbabwe to establish sustainable supplies of clean drinking and productive water.

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Over 800 million people do not have access to clean drinking water; 4000 children die everyday from drinking contaminated water. Pump Aid aims to reach rural vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe to bring lasting solution to water provision by building Elepahnt Pumps. The Elephant Pump is a low cost (£500) sustainable rope and washer hand pump can provide a community of 250 people with 40 litres of water per person per day, enough for domestic and productive use. The Pump is built using local materials some of which provided by the communities who are also involved in the building of the pump. The Pump is easily maintained by members of community who receive maintenance training workshops in which they learn how to make the rope and washers from plants and scrap plastic. Approximately 90% of Elephant Pumps are in operation at any one time – this compares to 50% of piston pumps. We aim to reach 20 communities in Masvingo, benefitting 5000 people.