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Acorns to Oaks

Acorns to Oaks is a project initiated by the Haematological Department of Kings College Hospital to raise funds for their new leading edge research and development laboratory, specialising in cell therapy reasearch. This multi-million project is being supported by LIBRA who are aiming to raise £249,000 to equip the new research and treatment suite in the cell therapy unit.

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The new research and development work by the scientists in the Haematology Department at King's College Hospital is at the heart of the centre of excellence for cell therapy research. Recent developments are moving away from third party cell harvesting and concentrating upon the use of the patients' own cells. They are harvesting patient's cells, improving them under laboratory conditions and injecting them back into the patient to fight their damaged cells. One of the main benefits is that the chance of cell rejection is significantly reduced as the body recognises its own cells and generally accepts them.