UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal)


At the heart of “UJIA MyFund” is the goal of educating young people about the core Jewish value of charitable giving. This project will instil in Jewish teens, starting aged 12/13 the belief that they can make a difference in the world through Jewish philanthropy.

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UJIA will set up and manage individual Funds, contributing upto £250 for each participant, and from which each teenager can distribute a percentage to a charitable cause of their choice annually. The participants will be encouraged to "top up" the fund them selves and therefore increase the amount available for distribution. UJIA will provide educational programming delivered through the synagogue curriculum to guide and encourage the teenagers on their initial philanthropic journey. UJIA believes that this represents a powerful way to build a long-term relationship with coming generations who represent the future foundation of support for our programmes, and those of other charitable institutions within the community. It is also a means of reaching out to their parents, many of whom will not be current donors to UJIA. It is anticipated that through the participating synagogues we will have over 300 partipants in Year 1 (launch September 2008) rising to 800 in Year 3. First year costs (including staff, marketing, UJIA fund contribution and admin) will be £120,000 in first year. It is anticipated as participation increases that Year 3 budget will be over £200,000