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Technology not Travel

To research and review the options for using technology and web2 developments to replace work related travel thereby reducing carbon emissions and saving money. Lessons learnt will be implemented in MEA who already work in a highly sustainable work environment, and will produce a casestudy and model for other companies to follow.

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Many smaller organisations have neither the time nor the expertise to utilise the developments in technology and as such spend time and money travelling to and from meetings. We will identify various options for replacing work-based travel with video conferencing, net meetings, webinars and telephone conferencing. We hope to work with another charity who have a large number of geographically based home workers to assess needs, identify solutions (including awareness raising and training) ; implement a number of measures, and monitor savings (both financial and carbon). From this exercise, we will produce a case study and model as an example to other organisations, saving them time and costly mistakes.