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OPCML Tumour Suppressor Research Project

The standard treatment for ovarian cancer is currently limited to surgery and chemotherapy. In ovarian cancer, ovarian tumour cells often develop resistance to chemotherapy, leading to treatment failure. 80% of ovarian cancer patients initially respond to chemotherapy, however most will relapse and become resistant to it within 18 months. Therefore finding ways of overcoming this resistance is of increasing importance. The scientific research project for which we are seeking funding for addresses this important research priority.

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The team at the Ovarian cancer action Research Centre are internationally recognised for their identification of a key tumour suppressor gene in ovarian cancer, OPCML, which when present, suppresses the growth of ovarian cancer. The team, headed by Prof. Hani Gabra, Director of the Ovarian cancer action Research Centre, discovered that OPCML is silenced (switched off) in 80% of ovarian cancer. This study will help to unravel the disruption of the complex normal machinery in the cell. The team, having completed research in the laboratory, discovered that once they put OPCML back into the tumour cell, the ovarian cancer tumour did not grow. Therefore, OPCML is of great importance. This piece of research aims to find a candidate partner that can be mimicked, retained in the cells, and enable the cancer patient to fight off the cancer. The drug that they are experimenting with to do this job has been successful in treating other cancers and therefore if the team can prove it will work in ovarian cancer, they will be able to develop a trial stage protocol within the next 3 years. Ovarian cancer action is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, a membership organisation of the leading medical health and research charities in the UK. Cost for 3 year project: £130,676