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Alternatives Pregnancy Counselling Centre

Alternatives exists to support women facing an unplanned pregnancy and their partners. We offer free pregnancy testing, advice, space to make a decision and ongoing support through counselling and practical means.

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Our project is trying to solve the problems faced by those who find themself in a situation of pregnancy that is unplanned. The UK abortion rate is very high and Nadine Dorries MP has recently called on the government to improve counselling services for women. We believe that our project is helping towards this goal whether or not it becomes law.


Our advisors are fully trained on an accredited course to help listen to those in unplanned pregnancy situations, to help them come to a decision, and give them; space and time to think this through, information on all the options available to them, and support which ever option they choose. We believe this will go a long way toward helping women make choices that empower them and help them to live with those choices for the short term and long term.