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Medical Advocacy For Patients

When people are faced with a serious diagnoses or disease,the physical & emotional stress of "whats the next step to take",is extremely challenging.We asssit them from the first phone call,all the way until they are able to close this difficult chapter in their lives.

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As a result of the financial crisis in the NHS and the continuing need for further cost saving measures, it is widely acknowledged that the standard of care provided to patients is not of the highest, both in and out of hospital. As a result, people who are suffering from health problems often feel at a loss of what to do, with lengthening waiting lists for even the most critical of health problems and great difficulties in knowing who to contact etc.


When people will contact us with their particular concerns, we will be able to help them with the expertise that we have gained over the years with our own personal health problems, and in our pilot project, as well as with the contacts with health professionals that we have made and nurtured. We will be able to tell them who are the specialists in the different fields that their medical issues will be in, and we will be able to facilitate their being seen by the relevant specialists.