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Improving the Status of Rural Women in Tanzania

Women subsistence farmers in Tanzania will feed their families all year round and generate additional income - by preserving fruits, vegetables and spices using simple, low cost and locally made solar driers.

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The project will reduce rural poverty among 1,050 subsistence farmers (75% women) in Tanzania by extending small-scale solar drying technology to new areas of Kilimanjaro Region. This project builds on previous work which introduced solar drying technology as an additional livelihoods strategy for vulnerable women, in the Kilimanjaro Region, with the development of a range of solar-dried products to meet the needs of local markets. It then improved the quality control and reached markets in Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Examples include nutritional drinks made from hibiscus flowers (locally known as rosella). This project will focus on making sure that the producer association KNFC can support producers in the future. Over 7000 people in poor rural communities are expected to be reached indirectly. Over two years the project will: - support the development of viable small enterprises, through individual and collective action, to increase household income by up to 30% - strengthen the capacity of KNFC to provide ongoing support to its members as effective and representative structures, capable of developing and maintaining linkages between growers/dryers and the market, - establish a technical enquiry service, extending the learning to reach women – individuals, groups and organisations interested in the solar drying technology - in other parts of Tanzania. The project budget is £75,000. The McKnight Foundation has made us a generous grant but we still need to raise £28,000. As at 1st April we have raised £18,000 so we now need to raise £10,000.