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To support young people with disabilities to have holidays with their friends.

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The young people we work with have told us of their desires to go on holidays with their friends from Jigsaw. Many people we support are socially isolated and are unable to go on holidays other than with parents or carers. In the past Jigsaw has run holidays abroad and in the UK and they have been one of our biggest successes. People would often spend a whole year being excited about their forthcoming holiday, then afterwards would spend the whole time talking about how good it was and what they did. We would expect people to grow in confidence, become more independent, make new friends and generally enjoy being with friends for a week. The holidays are also a great chance for families and carers to have time to themselves and recharge their batteries. The costs would be roughly £10,000 a year for a holiday coordinator (part time) and £25,000 per year to cover the costs of the holidays - carers costs, volunteer expenses, flights, accomodation etc.