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Construction of a hostel for 64 destitute children

Tong-Len wants to build a hostel for 64 children from homeless communities in the Kangra valley in the Himalayan foothills of India. This will provide a safe and secure place for them to live and study whilst sponsored to attend school.

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Thanks to funds raised by Tong-Len UK, 40 children are already living in two rented hostels and are in full time education. School placement is conditional upon the provision of residential accommodation. Previously the children were street beggars and rubbish scavengers with no access to education or health facilities and lacking even basic nutrition. All the children are doing exceptionally well at school (see the web site for more details). Tong-Len UK raised the funds and purchased land in 2008. The plan is now to build a hostel to accommodate 64 children as the first phase of a capital building programme. The total cost of the construction work for this first phase is estimated at £160,000. We have rasied over half of this amount and have also secured the running costs of the hostel through our sponsorship programme.