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For mental health service users to learn/develop skills in DVD computer editing and use these new-found skills to promote and record community events. We have been successful with an application to Lloyds TSB for £16,000 - we still need to raise a further £10,000. Can anyone provide a matched amount for us?

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3 years ago, several of our mental health service users gained a lot of satisfaction and raised self-esteem from a recent IT photography course hosted in our IT suite. Unfortunately, funding failed to materialise to sustain this activity. We have now upgraded the computers providing software and camera equipment, but need to fund a part time facilitator to empower our service users and help them contribute positively to the local community. Making a positive contribution is an essential element of well-being. Facilitation will enable service users to be engaged in recording community projects, editing and transposing the results to DVD for community promotion and archiving of local history to build a library/archive of local community activities. This project can help to build community cohesion, through engaging with many diverse communities within the neighbourhood, getting them to understand what they do through visual media. We want to employ a part time facilitator for 12 months, with the aim to make this a social enterprise, self-sustaining project at the end of this term.