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The Big Idea (1-2 sentences) The young adult carer’s project will offer 10 young adult carers enrolled at college a package of support tailored to their needs, providing them with the skills they may have missed out on due to their caring responsibilities. This project will support students with caring responsibilities to view H.E as a real possibility and will support them make the transition from further to higher education, to graduate and find employment.

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Each year, the Helena Kennedy Foundation receives a significant number of applications for support from students with caring responsibilities; this number greatly exceeds the funds and available for allocation. Our experience of dealing with applications from carers has brought to our attention the many barriers they have had to overcome in order to progress to higher education. Young adult carers often have financial difficulties, struggle to find the time to meet their academic commitments, are often bullied and feel isolated from their peers and struggle with feelings of guilt. Despite this, we continue to receive applications. We would therefore like to develop a project designed to support students with caring responsibilities. The project will run over 2 years, offering a total of 10 young adult carers training sessions tailored to their needs, advice and guidance about the progression to higher education, an online mentoring service and a bursary on enrolment at university. The 10 students will then be offered on-going personalised support throughout their time in higher education. We aim for and envisage that the 10 young adult carers involved in this project will have an increase sense of self esteem and confidence, wider horizons in terms of employability and career choices and a development of knowledge and skills. We envisage that this project will result in more young adult carers progressing to higher education than would have without the involvement on this project. The project will cost a total of £40,650 which includes 5 training sessions for each student, an online mentoring facility for each student, an advice and guidance tool kit for each student , a bursary of £1500 for each student and an ‘end of project celebratory ceremony’ to mark the achievements of the students involved.