Cerebral Palsy Sport

Swimming Development Programme for Children and Young People with Disabilities

To help fund the swimming programme designed to encourage marginalised severely disabled children to learn to swim. The charity's expertise in this area amongst the best, if the not, the best in the country.

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Cerebral Palsy Sport recognises the value of teaching children with cerebral palsy to learn to swim. In particular the charity is the country’s leading authority of swimming for those with a severe functional disability level. As well as teaching an important skill, learning to swim brings joy to children with severe disabilities as they find more freedom in the water to move stiff muscles. Our swimming expertise comes mainly in the form of highly qualified volunteers who have children with cerebral palsy or who have cerebral palsy themselves. They can give the children a real empathy and help them and their families focus on what they can achieve in a positive safe environment. The charity’s swimming programme for disabled children comprises of swimming development days and junior development galas. The staff and volunteers aim to get around the country to areas that have the most need for their expertise. Children and families attending the day are then offered advice on continued participation within their local community and with C P Sport. A grant to cover part of the salary costs of a National Sports Officer focusing on swimming has been awarded to C P Sport by the Lloyds TSB Foundation. However, the costs of holding the development days and galas and part of the salary cost is still need to be indentified. The budget for the programme is outlined below: Salary costs 27,500 National Insurance 2,852 Monitoring and Evaluation of project 2,018 10 x Swimming Development/Junior Galas 10,000 TOTAL COSTS 42,370 TOTAL DONATED TO DATE 22,500 TOTAL REMAINING 19,870