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Teacher Training and Resource Centre Sri Lanka

To improve the quality of nursery education in Sri Lanka with teacher training concentrated on child centred learning. To make the resources and equipment to do so, and to distribute them freely to nursery schools.

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SHIVA Charity has rebuilt 28 tsunami affected nursery schools on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. However the quality of teaching in this area of Sri Lanka is particularly low, due to the poverty and the lack of training and materials. Many teachers have never played with educational toys, and do not have the experience of art and craft work, or drama. Similarly the children have not had the positive and fulfilling experience of creative and constructive activities within the classroom.


We need to build a Resources training Centre where teachers are encouraged to use creative educational materials. These materials would be distributed freely as a resources pack to each school. This will facilitate their transition from chalk and talk teaching methods to Montessori style child centred learning, and give the children a better start in their educational life.