An Early Years Service for families in Dushanbe

This project aims to create an innovative system of community-based services for families, as an alternative to the institutionalisation of vulnerable and disabled young children under 6 years old. The project is needed due to an established practice of abandoning young children to institutions.

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Many parents of disabled children in Tajikistan are overwhelmed by their situation and are uncertain as to how to care for their children and provide for them economically. The project is needed because there is an established practice of abandoning young children to institutions. When children enter a baby home, they start on a road of social and educational exclusion, developmental impairment and human suffering. The programs put in place by HealthProm aim to solve these issues.


The expected project outcomes will be that (a) parents are strengthened through new skills in child care, economic and social support; and (b) children with additional needs because of disability or deprivation are enabled to grow up in their families and access mainstream education. This will be achieved by partnering with the Kishti Centre, which exists to enable child development, support parents, prevent institutional care and educate professionals in early intervention