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The Virtual Doctor Project

There is a desperate lack of primary healthcare available to rural communities in many parts of Africa due to their geographical isolation, shortage of doctors, and lack of resources. The Virtual Doctor Project, starting in 2010, is an innovative venture that will utilize mobile telemedicine clinics to address this problem. The project will offer free healthcare to remote, under-served areas of Zambia, and will prioritise child and maternal health. Diagnostic assistance will be available from doctors in the UK and around the world via satellite-based email.

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In Zambia almost twenty percent of all children under five years old will not survive (World Health Organisation), in a large part due to inadequate healthcare provision in rural areas where 65 percent of the population live. Our intention is to use mobile telemedicine clinics to reduce unnecessary mortality and referrals to distant healthcentres. By taking the clinic to the patient, and by remotely accessing the skills and experience of trained physicians via satellite-based email – our ‘Virtual Doctors’ – we can make a huge difference to these communities. We have formed a partnership with a local NGO to run the project day-to-day, and to ensure that the project represents communities helping themselves. Please visit our website for more information!