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Sowing the Seeds of Change for Tribal Women in Jharkhand, India

"In my ideal village, we would have good agricultural practices, enough food to eat, and no children dying from diseases like TB." Anita Murmu, Jharkhand, India. You could help make this ideal village a reality by supporting FYF's work to empower 1,800 tribal women living in 60 villages to increase their harvests, boost their income, improve their family health, and have a voice in their community.

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Despite India’s emergence as a political and economic power, there exist extreme levels of inequality. In Jharkhand, the average person survives on just 15p a day and struggles to meet their families’ most basic needs of nutritious food, safe shelter and clean water. Families suffer food shortages for six months a year and, in rural areas, 63% of children under the age of three are chronically malnourished. 89% of people do not have access to clean drinking water. With few local healthcare facilities, water-borne diseases, malaria, TB and malnutrition are common diseases that continue to kill people. Tribal communites are especially vulnerable - facing discrimination and chronic poverty. FYF aims to empower 1,800 tribal women to build lasting solutions to their poverty. - We will train women in low-cost, environmentally-friendly farming techniques such as composting, organic pesticide use, and rainwater management that improve harvests and rebuild the degraded soils to ensure future generations can farm productively. - We will support women to grow a variety of crops such as cereals, potato, mustard, brinjal and tomato. As well as improving family nutrition, these crops can be sold in local markets for a good profit. - We will run health camps where women can learn about healthy practices such as the importance of good nutrition, clean water and sanitation, and can access check-ups, immunisations, information on HIV and AIDS, and malaria prevention. - We will provide leadership, financial management, and basic literacy training. We will raise awareness of rights to government services and support the women to approach local government officials so they can access clean water, pensions, education and healthcare. "We want to join hands and work for our own development." Anna Marende, Jharkhand. By supporting FYF’s work in Jharkhand, you will help Anna and hundreds of other tribal women build the skills and confidence to transform their lives and their community. The total cost of the project is £19,350. Agricultural Training Costs - £3,050 Promoting Income-Generating Activities - £1,250 Health camps and awareness-raising activities - £1,150 Other Project Activities - £5,850 Project Support Costs - £6,350 UK Support Costs - £1,700