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New Children's Home for the Disabled

To refurbish and purchase the Home that Love & Care 333 India have recently started renting. This houses children with disabilities and provides a loving caring environment to some of India's rejected.

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It ran from 5:57 PM, 4 December 2008 to 5:57 PM, 4 December 2008

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The home at Thirumandalam is set in beautiful surroundings. It is currently being rented and needs a lot of refurbishment. Although property in India is comparatively cheap, the charity Love & Care 333 India whcih Child-Link raises money for has no funds available, as all their income goes to care for the 1000 children that they look after. Providing funding for this project will make such a huge difference in the lives of these precious children who have been rejected by their society. It will provide a decent stable and loving environment in shich they can grow up and receive education.