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Please provide prothetic arms for this lady. Hers were cut off by her husband. JUST £3,500 NEEDED TO MAKE AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE TO THIS LADY'S QUALITY OF LIFE!

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Selvi lives in Tamil Nadu, India. She lost her arms in a fight with her husband about four months ago. You can see her photo on our web-site . While in hospital she was befriended by people linked with one of the Orphanages that Child-Link supports. She had nowhere else to go so she is living in the main Children’s Home at Petchicullam, Tamil Nadu. Some of the girls living in the Home are being paid to look after her. We have no sponsorship to pay for her board and lodging. At present her sons are in a police orphanage, but the Orphanage staff are working to enable them to come to the Home also. We would love to be able to provide full prosthetic arms for her, but the cost is prohibitive. We need £3,500 to pay for new prosthetic arms for Selvi and one year’s board and lodging in the Children’s Home whilst she recuperates. Please help us to help her.