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In the UK, a takeaway meal for a family of 4 will cost around £20 - and that sort of sum doesn't worry many of us too much. In India, £20 per month will provide accommodation, food and education for a rejected child - that can make the difference between life and death!

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In India, many families are on such a low income that they are unable to care for their children - the result is that many children either die or are left to fend for themselves. The Children's Homes that we support in South India rescue children in this situation, as well as those orphaned through disaster, disease and poverty, and give them health, education, hope and a future. We need caring supporters who will regularly sponsor a child for at least £20 per month. You will be linked with the child to write to and pray for them - all such donations go into a central child support fund for the benefit of all the children. Will you sponsor at least one child? There are still at least 500 needing someone to provide support!