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We provide our highly specialised Bobath therapy for around 135 children with cerebral palsy each year, from as young as 8 months old up to 18 years of age. Therapy provides children and their families with the self-confidence, motivation and resilience to cope with the difficulties they face in their daily lives.

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Imagine if your body wouldn't do what you wanted it to do? Just think, for a moment, how frustrating that would be? This is the case for the one in every 500 children who are affected by cerebral palsy - a disorder of posture and movement where speech and vision can also be affected. The number of children born with cerebral palsy is not decreasing. Due to improvements in health care, more extremely premature babies are surviving and some of these babies have more complex needs. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, and although the brain does not worsen, the effects of the condition can become more debilitating with age. Bobath Scotland's therapy helps children with cerebral palsy expand their range of activities and more effectively communicate their needs and emotions. Therapy helps children improve their play, communication and mobility skills, enhancing the quality of their everyday lives. The Bobath concept involved not just the child but also their families, teachers, community therapists and carers. In this way Bobath therapy is integrated into every child's daily routine. A six week block of Bobath therapy costs us £4,940 per child per annum. Some NHS boards offer a contribution towards therapy costs and no charges are passed to the families we support, thus the majority of our income - around £550,000 - is derived from our own fundraising efforts.