Cerebral Palsy Scotland

Independent Living programme

We are aiming to enhance the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy through our independent living programme. We incorporate therapy principles into a functional activity of daily living, aiming for each child to have achieved a functional goal.

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Affecting 1 in every 500 children born, cerebral palsy is a permanent disorder resulting from brain damage occuring on the baby or young child. It can be caused by many things- premature birth, infections (meningitis), traumatic birth, problems in utero, near drowning and strokes - which result in either a bleed in, or lack of oxygen to, the brain. This impacts on child's ability to do the simplest of tasks like walking, moving, talking, eating or playing.


Bobath therapy aims to give each child the skills to explore their world, communicate their needs and participate in all aspects of their lives. We place great importance on supporting the whole family and focusing on what the child can do and how we can make their life better. Our holistic treatment is not a regime, but rather a whole approach involving, informing and educating the child's family, local therapists & teachers to ensure continued good practice between annual treatment block.