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Psychotherapy for Refugee Women

It is because of the very complex nature of the lives of refugee women in particular that the Women’s Therapy Centre has developed a unique approach to supporting refugee community organisations, supporting women from these communities in accesing therapy and then enabling them to stay in therapy.

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The Women’s Therapy Centre is aware of the unique nature of our multi faceted approach to attracting women from hard to reach communities – enabling women who most need therapy to deal with their mental and emotional distress to access this resource. We recently launched an interim evaluation report of our Bridging the Gaps project and the interest in our work and desire to develop similar models across the capital and beyond, was overwhelming. We are eager to build on our successes, taking the recommendations of our evaluation forward by: • developing and delivering outreach services to promote access to therapy for women refugees/ asylum seekers and support services for staff and volunteers from refugee communities. • developing training programmes for interpreters working with refugees and asylum seekers. • developing and delivering training for psychotherapists working with refugees and asylum seekers. . • continuing to work with other agencies, including those working with women fleeing domestic violence to considers as a matter of urgency how best to raise awareness of and respond appropriately to the needs of women refugees and asylum seekers experiencing domestic violence. The yearly cost would include the cost of providing weekly therapy sessions and support services, delivering training programmes and developing apprpriate partnerships and access routes.