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Vernon Handley, who died last year, was Principal Conductor of the English Symphony Orchestra. He was renowned for his musical integrity and championing of unjustly neglected British music - and much, much more. The aim of the Foundation is to continue his work and ensure that his legacy lives on

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The Foundation will support the discovery, rehearsal, performance and recording of unjustly neglected British Music. . There are other charities and Trusts which support British Music and composers and we will be in touch with them to ensure that our activities complement and in some cases supplement each other. Our long-term aim is to create a regular British Music Festival. In the meantime, we are looking to raise funding to establish the Foundation and enable its first project. As a rough guide, we would need to raise £10,000 to support either a day's rehearsal or recording or performance by a 60-person Symphony Orchestra. Once established the Foundation will become independent of ESO and listen to applications from other musical organisations