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Breast Cancer Care's Younger Women’s Forums are two day residential forums completely dedicated and tailored to the needs of women under the age of 45. Topics range from fertility issues and breast cancer treatment to talking to children about a diagnosis.

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The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer has risen recently to one in eight. Although incidence increases with age, it's the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women under 35, who often have young children and dependent families. A diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating at any age and gives rise to many worries around body image, relationships and treatment options. Younger women with breast cancer will suddenly be forced to consider difficult life decisions and need support.


Younger Women’s Forums are for patients up to the age of 45 who have recently been diagnosed with, or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The two day residential forum is structured around core sessions and optional workshops, allowing the opportunity to focus on the issues that are most important to her. The sessions and workshops are facilitated by specialist therapists and healthcare professionals as well as other women to develop personal support networks which combats isolation.