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Sheltered Workshops, Beirut, Lebanon

Employment for people with cerebral palsy, who would otherwise not be able to contribute to society. Giving opportunities and a purpose to individuals who have been educated at this inclusive centre to move into gainful employment - turning them into tax payers.

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The project was set up to deal with the issues of young adults with cerebral palsy leaving education with no where to go and no hope of future employment. As part of the Al Kafa'at Foundation the project will be integrated, making goods for use in seven other parts of the organisation as well as for export (we will be stocking some of these in our mail order catalogue). The goods already produced in small crampt workshops are of an excellent standard and there is a great need to roll out the opportunities to 350 young people nearing the end of their education. In a country where so much of the state funding goes to defence and the rebuilding of infrastructure (26.41%), the amount of state funding available for supporting the sick, elderly, disadvantaged and disabled is only 2.36% - so most get nothing. The cost of the construction is US$1,600,000 plus the land which is already owned by the foundation. The funding from a mixture of international businesses, NGOs and European governments has been promised. BibleLands has committed £250K to the project, but is struggling to raise the last £30K. The running costs will be covered by the sales generated together with a grant from the Lebanese government. We have never approached our Trustees before, but one of them suggested we do so independent of this initiative. Also we need to break into the Lebanese community in the UK and the offer of matched funding would, we believe help us to meet this objective. Al Kafa'at is one of the most impressive overseas disability projects there is. Every opportunity is taken to integrate those they help into making a difference to the organisation - no opportunity is ever wasted or missed. We committed a large sum to it because we believe in this way a huge difference can be made to many individuals and their families in a culture where disability is often seen as shaming and is hidden away. Al Kafa'at can and does bring change about.