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Open Doors Education Programme

The Philharmonia Orchestra’s ‘Open Doors’ education programme reaches over 15,000 people per year and across all ages and across the UK,

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Reaching over 15,000 people per year and across all ages, the Philharmonia Orchestra’s ‘Open Doors’ education programme plays a central and crucial role in the work carried out by the Orchestra. Offering a comprehensive programme of musical events and projects in some of the most deprived areas of London, as well as in areas where the Orchestra hold a Residency, ‘Open Doors’ has been designed to, not only provide musical opportunities to those who would not normally have access to them, but also to build relationships between participants and the Orchestra over a three year period and beyond. Delivered by members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, these include workshops, study days, project and concerts, which cover an array of musical style and approaches to making music – from learning to create and compose music and developing performing skills (opportunities include playing alongside musicians in school project and performances), to exploring the Philharmonia Orchestra, its musicians and its repertoire (through attending rehearsals, concerts and meeting Philharmonia players, soloists and conductors). The programme costs £200,000 per year to run, but gifts of £1,000 - £10,000 can fund individual workshops. If the full funding is not raised, the project cannot be delivered so the Orchestra is dependent upon private fundraising to make the programme possible.