School for life

Tzedek’s ‘School for Life’ programme is making a difference to the education of some 40,000 Ghanaian primary school children. We know that a good education can break the cycle of poverty.

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In Ghana, thousands of children are held back by poor education. Four out of every five adults are illiterate. Many lack the basic skills to be able to keep accounts, hold down any but the lowest level job, or support themselves in farming and trade. Tzedek spent time in the Northern Region of Ghana speaking to key stakeholders to find out. It became clear there were three key issues: a lack of resources; poorly trained teachers; and teachers lacking in access to support to improve.


The Tzedek School for Life project will bring innovative methods and resources to teachers. We will train teachers to be more resourceful and help them get support by also training head teachers, school management teams and regional supervising staff. Over the next three and half years we want to work in 8 districts across the Northern Region, taking 300 schools in total and training their early year teachers.