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Greenfingers Gardens 2010

Greenfingers Charity is aiming to install 4 gardens at children's hospices in 2010. These will be at Acorn's Children's Hospice, Birmingham, Hope House in Oswestry, Ty Hafan in south Wales and at a new childrne's hospice in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. To do this, we need to raise £250,000.

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Greenfingers knows how important gardens are for children and how beneficial they can be for a person's health and well-being. So we believe that having a garden is a vital part of the care that a hospice can provide. Working with each hospice individually, we design and build besopke gardens to fit the needs of the hospice. Greenfingers gardens can be places to play, with family or siblings. Or it could be a place for rest and quiet contemplation. It can be a place to learn and get involved with nature. Or it might be a wonderful place to remember someone special. But whatever they are, Greenfingers gardens are always magical. We work together with the garden industry to make every donation we receive go even further. Donations and gifts-in-kind are a vital part of this but some cash is always required. Because each garden is different, there is no set cost for a garden. We have estimated that the garden at Acorns will cost around £55,000, Ty Hafan will cost around £90,000, the garden at Hope House will cost around £35,000 and for Fermanagh will be around £70,000.