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Cat colony

We have discovered a colony of 60 (currently!) cats "owned" by someone who simply cannot afford to neuter or care for them other than providing food. We need to neuter these animals and see to their general health needs.

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This is a typical example where love for animals without the finances to see to their health needs has become a problem. These animals are fed but without neutering the colony has grown rapidly with breeding females giving birth a couple of times a year. It often happens that kittens on Corfu are born with disabilities whether from general inbreeding or from the transmission of FIV. The later is prevalent and when a colony reaches this size it is easily spread through fighting over food and females. We have not yet been able to assess the health needs of this colony ourselves but have been informed that there is at least one obviously sick animal who needs help. We estimate the cost of neutering and treating the health care needs of the colony to be in the region of £4000 and would like to thank anyone who feels they may be able to contribute towards it.