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Choreographic Development programme

Help us to develop the next generation of contemporary choreographers. In 2016 Rambert will provide six company dancers and two external artists access to Rambert’s facilities including studio time and mentoring opportunities as well as the chance to showcase their final piece to an audience.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 4 December 2015 to 5:00 PM, 14 December 2015

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There is a lack of opportunities for emerging choreographers to focus on creating new work. Where opportunities do exist there is often a financial barrier faced by aspiring choreographers due to the need for unpaid time off work, the cost of space hire and the cost, availability and quality of dancers. Also, there are few chances to develop the skills necessary to create work for large stages. There is also a lack of feedback by industry experts to support and mentor burgeoning choreographers.


Rambert will support the artistic growth of emerging choreographers by providing the use of our facilities, dancers and support network with no cost to the young choreographers. Rambert has a proven track record of developing choreographic talent in-house and will expand this by inviting young choreographers from outside the company too. Feedback from aspiring choreographers has highlighted the importance of mentoring and so several sessions to support their work will be provided throughout the year.

  • For me it was great to have the three days to completely focus on my work as a choreographer and to reflect on areas I usually brush aside.

    — Patricia Okenwa – Rambert dancer and emerging choreographer on a former choreographic development experience

  • I found Peggy very useful, she was questioning me and my choices, in a very constructive way

    — Simone Damberg Würtz - Rambert dancer and emerging choreographer