British Red Cross

British Red Cross East Africa Crisis Appeal

As a result of the crisis, 20m people are now facing hunger and starvation and has reached crisis point. We will provide supplementary food, malnutrition screening, access to safe water, hygiene promotion, distribution of relief supplies and health services in Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 15 March 2017 to 11:00 AM, 29 March 2017


Registered Charity in England and Wales (220949)

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We need to prevent a crisis on a much larger scale. If we do not act now, many more people will die from starvation, lack of clean water and will become malnourished due to food insecurity


It will relieve the crisis, not solve it entirely, but we will be able to save lives and prevent more people dying from starvation, malnutrition and disease. We have staff and volunteers in all countries affected and access to supplies to support those affected without delay