War Child

Help protect Syria’s children

"I recognised him from his boots." Dima is 10. She watched as her father was killed by a rocket as she and her family were fleeing Syria. Thousands of children are experiencing horrors that no child should. War Child is providing vital protection and emotional support to vulnerable child refugees

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 21 March 2013 to 1:00 PM, 30 April 2013

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There are some things a child should never witness; a friend shot, a father tortured, a sister raped. Their homes are being bombed, their schools used for storing weapons and there are even reports of children being deliberately targeted, used as human shields. Over 50% of refugees are children, sometimes arriving alone. Children like Dima with little protection and support structures around them are exceptionally vulnerable; coping with huge emotional trauma and at risk of abuse and neglect.


War Child is currently in Lebanon protecting child refugees like Dima. We are providing safe spaces where children can socialise and play with others and receive essential emotional support from trained specialists so that they can come to terms with the trauma they’ve faced. War Child is also supporting thousands of children like Dima to continue with their education, providing a sense of routine and hope for the future.

  • Dima, 10

    — “I wish I never saw my Dad’s body. I am trying to forget but I cannot. I see his face every night…I cry but I don’t let my Mum see me.”