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Life-Saving Medicines for People with HIV in Burma

Many thousands of vulnerable adults and children in Burma are needlessly dying from HIV/AIDS each year. At an approximate cost of £300 per person - we are able to supply medicines and the necessary associated medical care to save a person's life for a year.

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The Aids epidemic in Burma is amongst the worst in Asia. An estimated 190,000 people are infected with HIV and tens of thousands of people are in urgent need of life-saving anti-retroviral medicines (ARVs) . From an almost negligable base, the Burmese government has only recently started providing ARVs and the big international anti-HIV programmes – such as the Global Fund – are also only starting to operate there. In the meantime those who cannot afford ARVs - many thousands - are dying.


We are funding our partner in Burma, Medical Action Myanmar, to provide a comprehensive package of ARV treatment (including doctors, nurses, medicines, tests and counselling). It costs only £300 per annum to provide this for each person. The big international programmes are arriving in Burma but will take around three years to scale up. In the meantime, we will supply the ARVs to keep as many vulnerable adults and children alive as long as possible.