Helping The Burmese Delta

Helping to lower infant death rates in Myanmar

We will train village Traditional Birth Attendants in modern midwifery practice, with aims of improving the very high rates of infant (and maternal) mortality. In the remote rural areas in which we work, there are almost no doctors or trained midwives, so TBAs are the only help available.

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Infant mortality rates in the Irrawaddy region are a sky-high 6%, and (anecdotally) maternal deaths are not uncommon. This is due to extreme ignorance, the difficulty and expense of reaching a hospital, and the lack of trained primary health care professionals. The Traditional Birth Attendants who assist in the villages are untrained, and have little or no real knowledge of safe practices. Given that it is not realistic to expect much government help, they are the key to any progress.


In conjunction with a small team of UK midwives, we have developed training programmes to teach TBAs basic mother and baby care, and effective birth practices. The training lasts one week and is followed by visits to the villages. It is repeated after approximately one year to consolidate the lessons. So far we have conducted three trainings, in two areas, with great success. While only time will tell if we can actually improve mortality rates, we are confident the process will help.