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#Vets4Vultures: Vets helping Vultures in peril

When species numbers are so low, EVERY INDIVIDUAL COUNTS. We want the highest number possible of injured birds of prey to survive treatment and be successfully reintroduced to the wild.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 28 November 2017 to 12:00 PM, 5 December 2017

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Diclofenac in carcasses in India = Asian vulture numbers down by 99.9%. European vultures risk same fate. Carcasses poisoned by elephant and rhino poachers in South Africa = plummeting vulture numbers. Wind turbines and pylons throughout the world = birds of prey with orthopaedic injuries. Frontline rehabilitation staff do a great job firefighting these problems. They need training in specialist first aid and surgery to ensure individuals contribute to the survival of their species


WVI’s specialist raptor (bird of prey) vets aim to support rehabilitators and local vets through first aid, surgical, post-operative care and rehabilitation training. There is a well-established network of conservation and rehabilitation organisations striving to reverse the decline in vultures and other raptor species. WVI will work with partners in India, Bulgaria and South Africa, tailoring training to the need of each situation.