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To provide at each of these schools, a kitchen facility which is energy saving; smoke free, and hygienic, to improve the health of pupils and staff alike in this poverty stricken region of N.E. Kenya. Further to carry out essential repairs to classrooms damaged by violent storms in December 2011.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 6 December 2012 to 5:00 PM, 19 December 2012

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School buildings must be provided by the community, but the extreme poverty of the area, causes poor construction, and little maintenance. Kitchens (where they exist) have no ventilation; smoke chimney, and with just traditional cooking pots over a three stone hearth. Consequently smoke filled kitchens cause eye and lung problems in staff and pupils. Also storm damage at Kakoongo School destroyed one classroom and seriously damaged three others, making education of 350 pupils very difficult.


At both schools, we will construct a brick built, iron roofed building with adequate ventilation, sufficiently large for storage of cereal foodstuffs, and a fuel store, and a with separate room to house a purpose designed and engineered cast iron and stainless steel cooker unit complete with steel chimney venting through the side wall. At Kakoongo, we will rebuild the destroyed classroom, and strengthen and repair the damaged walls and roof on the other three classrooms, re-painting all four.