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As Herefordshire's Centre for the Arts we wish to develop our community arts work in rural, deprived and isolated areas of the county. We already deliver activities to a range of groups but wish to focus on younger, older and disadvantaged communities. This work should be long term and sustainable.

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It ran from 10:00 AM, 6 December 2010 to 10:00 AM, 4 January 2011

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Herefordshire is one of the UK's largest rural counties with associated problems eg: lack of transport, pockets of isolation and deprivation & lack of access to facilities and services. Vulnerable groups like older and younger people suffer most from deprivation, older people forming a high percentage of the local population. Both groups are provent to benefit from engagement with accessible arts. However, there is a need for affordable arts activities delivered on people's doorsteps.


The Courtyard is Herefordshire's Arts Centre serving the whole of the local community. We have a strong education department with a growing outreach arm. We wish to develop further our community work with young and old people, offering a range of arts projects in a sustainable way to meet proven needs. We have access to skilled personnel and local networks but lack the resources to build on our work. We wish to deliver a range of projects in all types of arts, reaching many community groups