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The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Work in the Community

Preventing animal welfare issues arising by working with pet owners and through our grass roots community initiatives. Our Animal Welfare Officers educate and support pet owners so they can cope caring for their pets. They also respond to emergency situations with stray and dumped animals in London.

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We are tackling the animal welfare crisis through the delivery of a number of community-based outreach programmes as we recognise that animal welfare issues and social welfare issues are intrinsically linked. Our ethos is to educate prospective and existing pet owners on responsible pet ownership so that they are equipped with the advice, support and help when they need it and before a situation with their pet deteriorates. We offer free and low cost neutering to tackle the overpopulation crisis


Some of our Animal Welfare projects include: our Trap Neuter Return programme controls the population of London’s feral cats. Our Pick N Snip initiative collects, neuters and treats pets of vulnerable and elderly owners who cannot attend our Vet Clinic. Our Pet Refuge scheme offers care to pet owners in a crisis including those in hospital, rehab, prison or domestic abuse victims. We also deliver educational projects and work with other agencies to address the causes of irresponsible ownership.