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No One Left Behind

We intend to run a summer sleep-away program for teenage boys from inner city areas facing difficult circumstances. This allows them the opportunity to rejuvenate in a safe atmosphere away from the pressures of home and ensures they have a fun summer just like the rest of their friends.

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It ran from 11:00 AM, 16 May 2016 to 11:00 AM, 18 May 2016

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Young people from destitute homes usually remain home all summer with nothing to fill their time. With barely enough money for bread on the table, extras like summer activities are completely out of question. Their parents are often required to work throughout the holiday period in order to make ends meet, and limited parental involvement, coupled with extreme boredom, often means the teens are hanging out with the wrong crowd, or otherwise getting into trouble.


Our sleep away program will provide scholarships to those unable to pay and allocate slots to those most in need. For many teens, a productive summer spells the difference between a lousy school year vs. a successful one. Feeling a sense of belonging has an enormous impact and helps to keep them motivated and hopeful. Spending time with like-minded individuals also helps them develop new friendships and creates wonderful memories that keep them afloat during the more challenging times.