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Specialist low level beds for dementia patients

There is a great risk of falling from bed in hospital for our dementia and vulnerable patients. Through the provision of specialised low level beds we will allow patients to sleep at a very low height without the need for restricting bed rails reducing the incidence and severity of falls.

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Demographics of the hospital’s catchment area means 65% of inpatients are over the age of 55. Last year over 2,000 of those had Dementia. As a progressive condition, Dementia means the ability to remember, understand, communicate and reason gradually declines. Dementia patients can often find hospitals a confusing and upsetting place which causes agitation and distress. This is especially problematic when in bed as they can roll or climb out causing severe injury through falls.


The hospital team would like to provide vulnerable patients with specialised low level beds as part of a multi-faceted approach to reduce the risk of injuries from falls from bed. These height adjustable beds allow patients to be raised for transfer and medical care then lowered for sleeping, significantly reducing the impact of a fall. They reduce the need for bed rails and the associated risks, whilst providing increased patient independence and improved overall patient experience.